Laura Newman

With over 34 years of experience in public, non-public, and charter schools, Laura has worked with children ages 3-18 with varying levels of developmental needs. As a director of special education, her interaction with students, staff, and parents gives Laura a comprehensive view of the unique needs of each student. Recognizing that each student has their own needs and learning style, Laura's collaborative efforts have helped to develop effective programs that are tailored to the individual.

She graduated from SUNY Albany in 1981 and completed her graduate work at St. John's University earning her M.S. in School Psychology in 1984. Laura is certified with the state of New Jersey as a School Psychologist, Supervisor of Special Education, and Principal.

Pat Onore

As a special educator with over 20 years experience, her background has provided the tools necessary to target the needs of students and determine the necessary remediation. She holds certifications as a Teacher of the Handicapped and Preschool Teacher as well as certifications as a Learning Disabilities Teacher / Consultant and Educational Supervisor.

Her experience has provided her the opportunity to work with a population of children ranging from preschool through high school. During her work as an educator, she has functioned as an educational diagnostician, professional development coordinator, trainer, instructional programmer, Child Study Team member, educational consultant and instructional leader. Pat's professional background has prepared her to conduct educational assessments, classify students with learning differences, understand and implement special education law, create 504 plans, and develop and facilitate the delivery of programs for classified students. As a consultant, she provides classroom accommodations, differentiated instruction techniques, and targeted educational programming to help students become effective learners.